Missouri requires OSHA 10-hour construction course

Missouri requires that employees have passed the 10-hour OSHA construction safety course at work on certain types of construction projects. In total there are 7 states that have some form of this requirement. Specific criteria for projects in Missouri differ from other states, as well as fines and compliance with this requirement. All this is covered in this article; as well as what it is considered valid proof or completion.

Projects covered requirement OSHA 10 hours

Missouri state government defines a construction project covering the requirement of 10 hours of course the OSHA, such as:

  • Public works projects, including work carried out by public utilities
  • Construction, reconstruction, demolition, painting, finishing or repair

The state defines a "public works" to include projects that are even partially funded by the state or local authorities. In many states, there is a limit to a lower cost of projects; for example, projects amounting to $ 100 000 can be released. It is unclear whether or not this requirement Missouri. There are a few small exceptions for public utility projects and railway crossings.

Employees covered by the terms and

Each employee is performing work on the site must pass a 10-hour OSHA course of 60 days of work at the construction site. This 60-day buffer – it is a good benefit that operate in Missouri employers that many other states do not allow.

Another good part of the requirement is that employees who are on the spot and ask for proof of completion of the course, have up to 20 days to obtain the evidence. This does not mean that they have 20 days to complete the course after being asked proof, but it gives an opportunity to provide evidence, if they have forgotten or replaced by the end of the document.

geographic areas

All of these major metropolitan areas, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Columbia, and all rural areas are covered by this requirement as long as the project meets the above requirements for size and public works.

proof execution

Missouri statue does not define requirements for the proof. However, other countries are welcome:

  • 10:00 OSHA card issued by the Ministry of Labor
  • Certificate or compensation from OSHA, received supplier

Workers are advised to check with the employer any specific proof of completion of the work required for a particular job, but in almost all cases, a certificate of completion is received OSHA provider.

Fines and notices

And contractors and subcontractors must comply with this requirement. Public organization that conducts auctions should also include a requirement to 10:00 OSHA's application for participation in the auction.

The penalty for the contractor is $ 2,500 plus $ 100 for each employee for each day that they work without going through the 10:00 course OSHA. Public body which manages the project, includes money from contractor payments.

a 10-hour OSHA course requirements began August 28, 2009 and are still operating.

Department of labor and industrial relations is responsible for the implementation of this requirement in the state of Missouri. The information in this article – is only a summary; Prior to this department should be before the & # 39; shown specific questions regarding how the requirements for a particular job or workplace should be before the & # 39; is shown.