Cardiff Wales – Well Worth Your Time to Visit!

If you’re ready to experience a beautiful part of Wales, then Cardiff should be high on your list of places of places to visit. This is the capital city and it has a long and rich history, as well. Home to many cultural and sporting events, this city is one of the most popular tourism spots in Wales. Over 11.6 million people choose Cardiff as their destination in 2006.

A Short History Lesson

With the archeological evidence available throughout the area, it’s possible to date this great city to the Neolithic period, around 6,000 BC, which was 1500 years before Stonehenge. Eventually, the Romans would conqueor this area around 75 CE and it became an important military outpost. Abandoned by the Romans towards the end of the 4th century, In 1080, William I of England began to work on the castle within the city the Romans had built. However, some of the original Roman work is still visible in one area of the castle.

In 1404, the city was burned to the ground by Owain Glyndwr. It was quickly rebuilt and became a Free Borough in 1542. In 1581, Elizabeth I granted the city its first royal charter and in 1905, King Edward VII granted its city status. From there, the city grew quickly and coal was it’s number one industry. After a decline following the first World War, the industrial areas of the city began to boom. Eventually, the city would house the National Musuem of Wales, the University of Wales, and the National Assembly of Wales.

With the construction of Cardiff Bay in 1999, the city’s bay area has quickly grown, both in industrial means and as a tourist location. This area includes the Wales Millenium Centre, which hosts many cultural events throughout the year.

Visiting the City

Cardiff City Centre offers over a wonderful shopping and culstural experience for tourists, including the ever popular Cardiff Castle. With over 9,000 hotel rooms throughout the city, it’s quickly become “the” place to visit when in Wales. A temperate climate for most of the year, the area actually receives less rainfall than most other locations in Wales.

Most of the tourists visit the City Centre, the Bay area, historical sites, and of course, the musuems, art galleries, and sporting arenas to catch a match. You can easily spend weeks within this city and still feel as though you haven’t seen everything it has to offer.

A Final Thought

Cardiff is one city that should be high on your list of places to visit. It’s beautifully designed with plenty to keep you occupied. Come see why this city is the number tourist destination in Wales.