Internet Marketing of Tourism Products – Tourism Products Truth!

Tourism is high in demand, now more than ever. Therefore the offer of tourism products is also higher than ever. If you do a search on Google for the term “tourism” you will find 161,000,000 search results (no kidding) at the time this article is written. But there is much more going on behind the scenes, there are things you will never be told about the internet marketing of tourism products. I decided to expose it! Keep reading to learn all about what is going on behind the curtain.

You will find billions of sites promoting tourism products, what most people don’t know is that these are part of something called Multi Level Marketing schemes. And that’s right, MLM schemes now a days are only but a huge scam. Basically, it is all about people paying for a membership and then those people get paid for the more memberships they get, they will also get paid commissions of about $1,000.00 dollars for selling highly overpriced tourism packages. The only people really making any money are the owners of the MLM schemes, since they get a huge cut of the sales and memberships at the expense of the naive that buy into the scam. This is also known as a pyramid scheme in some cases, the only people making money are those at the top of the pyramid. That was a short explanation of the internet marketing of tourism products.

I decided to expose this, because you and many others are probably really interested in making money online, the internet marketing of tourism products scheme will just slow you down big time. I just wanted to save you the trouble of getting scammed. But since you probably need to make some money online, I will also point you towards the right direction.